Thursday, December 20, 2012

20 Week Progress Report

Greetings again fellow miners!

It is time once again for a progress report on the status of the corp. Even though it has only been 5 weeks since the last one I felt like there had been enough progress to warrant another reporting right before the Christmas holiday.
And here is a graph showing the ISK payouts per player since the beginning of the Corporation's Buy-Back Program™

It is worth noting that the total value of ISK given out through the Ore/Mins/Salvage/PI buyback program totals to 46,015,946,753.28 ISK. Since the last progress report, the following pie chart shows the relative amounts that each person has sold to the corporation via the Buy-Back Program™.
The above graph shows the breakdown of the total value of 25,451,752,248.00 ISK. However, this large ISK value represents more than just the total ore mined during the Corp Mining OPs. From digging through the logs, I have calculated the total value of minerals hauled from the OPs as 7,677,260,681.64 ISK. This large discrepancy between the two values comes from the prevalence of people mining on their own and utilizing the AFK Boosting fleets that are set up by out generous Orca pilots. You guys should tip them, seriously. The below pie graph shows this fact graphically. 

The amount of minerals gathered through the mining OPs has steadily increased. As before, let me break it out:

1) 2,452,884,126 Tritanium
2)    401,093,207 Pyerite
3)    120,115,974 Mexallion
4)      34,096,227 Isogen
5)       6,134,067 Noxcium

To put things into perspective, this is enough minerals to have built:
  23  Charons
117  Abaddons
495  Drakes
40% of a Titan (Avatar)

On a per-week basis:
An finally, a revenue breakdown by source:

And in tabular form:

Keep it up guys and have a good Holiday!