Sunday, November 18, 2012

15 Week Progress Report

Well, it has been 15 weeks since the members transitioned into the new corporation that had been set up in our home system. I figured that in recognition of this milestone I should post a few stats that I have been tracking.

Here is a graph showing the approximate ISK valuation of ORE mined by the corp during OP nights by week.(Red scale is in Billions)

And here is a graph showing the ISK payouts per player since the beginning.

It is worth noting that the total value of ISK given out through the Ore/Mins/Salvage/PI buyback system totals to 19,640,734,071.28 ISK. This amount of ISK has bought the corporation:

1) 1,730,208,395 Tritanium
2)    186,447,048 Pyerite
3)      78,586,003 Mexallion
4)      21,134,185 Isogen
5)        3,368,342 Noxicum

To put things into perspective, This is enough minerals to have built:
14 Charons
55 Abaddons
272 Drakes
1/5th of a Titan (Avatar)

On a Per-week basis:

A further break-down on a per-mineral basis:

And finally, a revenue breakdown by source

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