Sunday, November 4, 2012

I guess it has to start somewhere

Where here begins everything:

I figured that I should exercise my skills at writing again, but this time with a blog post or two. I assume that, like many, my blog will end up dieing a slow death as I lose interest or become disheartened by the lack of readers. Thankfully though neither of those are the reasons behind my starting this up. Mainly I feel that this will give me  place to air my views and postulate about THE WAY THINGS ARE on my soapbox for the dis-interested world to hear.

Past that, I guess a little about myself would round out this first post well. I identify as a PC gamer who enjoys the new modern FPS titles just as well as the little known gems that are destined to become cult classics (Sanctum anyone?) I consider myself a moderately good FPS'er and strategist who sometimes has the tendency to tunnel vision and lose situational awareness.

My secret love though is the 4X game genre. There is just something about managing a process where I can take something from cradle to grave that appeals to my inner nerd. Throw in a sandbox environment and we are golden. There does have to be some structure though, there has to be a goal for me to work towards that I can measure progress against. Some activity that I can align my activities around and achieve.

Really though, behind the scenes, it comes down to a love of figuring out the mechanics of something and optimizing that process. And spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are my special love as they allow me to code a process without having to actually know a programming language. I know that I really should learn VB so I can make full use of the aforementioned spreadsheets, but I am lazy and I will do just as much as I need to get by.

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